Simon Fraser University – Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. 

  • Degree Level Offered: Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral, Post Doctoral, Diploma, Collage Certificate, Bridging, Continuing Education
  • World/Country Rank: 60/5
  • Tuition Fee Range for International Student: 5000- 30000 CAD per year
  • Scholarship for International Students: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Percentage of international Student: 30%.
  • Work while studying: Yes



  • Agriculture and Food Science
  • Applied Science and Professions
  • Art and Cultural Studies
  • Business Management
  • Computer Science and IT
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Studies and Geography
  • Language_and_Education
  • Law_and_Legal_Service
  • Mathematics_and_Statistics
  • Media and Journalism
  • Medicine_and_Health_Science
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Science and Economics


Rajan Family Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship
Joseph Lee Family Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship
Lloyd Carr-Harris Entrance Scholarship
Schulich Leader Scholarships
The Jim Bennett Entrance Scholarship
Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship
H.Y. Louie and Lohn Entrance Award
Lloyd Carr-Harris Entrance Scholarship
The Jim Bennett Entrance Scholarship
Entrance Scholarships, Awards & Bursaries

External Awards and Additional Resources 


Program Detail

Program Name Level of Education
Accounting (Business) Bachelor’s
Actuarial Science Bachelor’s
Anthropology Bachelor’s
Anthropology and Communication Bachelor’s
Applied Biology Bachelor’s
Applied Mathematics Bachelor’s
Applied Physics Bachelor’s
Archaeology Bachelor’s
Archaeology and Anthropology Bachelor’s
Archaeology and First Nations Studies Bachelor’s
Art, Performance and Cinema Studies Bachelor’s
Art, Performance and Cinema Studies Bachelor’s
Behavioural Neuroscience Bachelor’s
Biological Physics Bachelor’s
Biological Sciences Bachelor’s
Biomedical Engineering Bachelor’s
Biomedical Physiology Bachelor’s
Business Bachelor’s
Business and Communication Bachelor’s
Business and Economics Bachelor’s
Business and Geography Bachelor’s
Business and Psychology Bachelor’s
Business, Philosophy and the Law Bachelor’s
Chemical Physics Bachelor’s
Chemistry Bachelor’s
Chemistry and Earth Sciences Bachelor’s
Chemistry and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Bachelor’s
Cognitive Science Bachelor’s
Communication Bachelor’s
Communication and Interactive Arts and Technology Bachelor’s
Computer and Electronics Design Bachelor’s
Computer Engineering Bachelor’s
Computing Science Bachelor’s
Computing Science and Linguistics Bachelor’s
Computing/Mathematics Bachelor’s
Contemporary Arts Bachelor’s
Counselling and Human Development Bachelor’s
Criminology Bachelor’s
Curriculum and Instruction Bachelor’s
Dance Bachelor’s
Data Science Bachelor’s
Design Bachelor’s
Development and Sustainability Bachelor’s
Dialogue Bachelor’s
Early Learning Bachelor’s
Earth Sciences Bachelor’s
Economics Bachelor’s
Electronics Engineering Bachelor’s
Engineering Physics Bachelor’s
Engineering Science Bachelor’s
English Bachelor’s
English and Communication Bachelor’s
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Bachelor’s
Environmental and Occupational Health Bachelor’s
Environmental Chemistry Bachelor’s
Environmental Earth Systems Bachelor’s
Environmental Education Bachelor’s
Environmental Science Bachelor’s
Environmental Toxicology Bachelor’s
Environmetrics Bachelor’s
Film Bachelor’s
Finance Bachelor’s
First Nations Studies Bachelor’s
French Bachelor’s
French Cohort Program Bachelor’s
French Education Bachelor’s
Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Bachelor’s
General Studies in Education Bachelor’s
Geographic Information Science Bachelor’s
Gerontology Bachelor’s
Global Environmental Systems Bachelor’s
Global Health Bachelor’s
Health Sciences BA Bachelor’s
Health Sciences BSc Bachelor’s
History Bachelor’s
Human Geography Bachelor’s
Human Resource Management Bachelor’s
Humanities Bachelor’s
Information Systems in Business Administration and Computing Science Bachelor’s
Interactive Arts and Technology Bachelor’s
Interactive Arts and Technology and Business (BA/BBA) Bachelor’s
Interactive Arts and Technology and Business (BSc) Bachelor’s
Interactive Systems Bachelor’s
International Business Bachelor’s
International Studies Bachelor’s
Kinesiology Bachelor’s
Labour Studies Bachelor’s
Latin American Studies Bachelor’s
Learning and Developmental Disabilities Bachelor’s
Legal Studies Bachelor’s
Linguistics Bachelor’s
Management Information Systems Bachelor’s
Marketing Bachelor’s
Mathematical Physics Bachelor’s
Mathematics Bachelor’s
Mechatronic Systems Engineering Bachelor’s
Media and Culture Bachelor’s
Media Arts Bachelor’s
Mental Health and Addictions Bachelor’s
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Bachelor’s
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Business Administration Bachelor’s
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Computing Science Bachelor’s
Music Bachelor’s
Nuclear Science Bachelor’s
Operations Management Bachelor’s
Operations Research Bachelor’s
Philosophy Bachelor’s
Physical Education Bachelor’s
Physical Geography Bachelor’s
Physics Bachelor’s
Police Studies Bachelor’s
Political Economy and Policy Bachelor’s
Political Science Bachelor’s
Population and Public Health Bachelor’s
Print and Digital Publishing Bachelor’s
Psychology Bachelor’s
Resource and Environmental Management Bachelor’s
Secondary Mathematics Education Bachelor’s
Secondary Teaching Bachelor’s
Social Inequities and Health Bachelor’s
Social Justice in Education Bachelor’s
Sociology Bachelor’s
Sociology and Communication Bachelor’s
Software Systems Bachelor’s
Statistics Bachelor’s
Sustainable Business Bachelor’s
Sustainable Energy Engineering Bachelor’s
Systems Engineering Bachelor’s
Technology and Society Bachelor’s
Theatre Bachelor’s
Visual Art Bachelor’s
Water Science Bachelor’s
World Literature Bachelor’s
BA Interactive Arts and Technology Bachelor’s
BBA Entrepreneurship and Innovation Bachelor’s
BBA Finance Bachelor’s
BBA Marketing Bachelor’s
BSc Mechatronics Bachelor’s
BSc Software Systems Bachelor’s
BSc Operations Research Bachelor’s
Communication Bachelor’s
Dance (BFA) Bachelor’s
Film (BFA) Bachelor’s
Gerontology Bachelor’s
Semester in Dialogue Bachelor’s
Visual Culture and Performance Studies Bachelor’s
First year at Surrey Campus Bridging
African Studies Collage Certificate
Business Analytics and Decision Making Collage Certificate
Business Technology Management Collage Certificate
Chinese Studies Collage Certificate
Corporate Environmental and Social Sustainability Collage Certificate
Correctional Studies Collage Certificate
Creative Writing Collage Certificate
Criminology Collage Certificate
Earth Sciences Collage Certificate
Environmental Literacy Collage Certificate
Ethics Collage Certificate
Ethnic and Intercultural Relations Collage Certificate
Family Studies Collage Certificate
First Nations Language Proficiency Collage Certificate
First Nations Studies Collage Certificate
Forensic Studies Collage Certificate
French Language Proficiency Collage Certificate
French and Education Collage Certificate
Genomics Collage Certificate
German Studies Collage Certificate
Health and Fitness Collage Certificate
Hellenic Studies Collage Certificate
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Collage Certificate
International Experiential Learning Collage Certificate
Italian Studies Collage Certificate
Labour Studies Collage Certificate
Languages Collage Certificate
Legal Studies Collage Certificate
Liberal Studies (CLA) Collage Certificate
Linguistics of Speech Science Collage Certificate
Literacy Instruction Collage Certificate
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Collage Certificate
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Collage Certificate
Occupational Ergonomics Collage Certificate
Performance Studies Collage Certificate
Philosophy Collage Certificate
Police Studies Collage Certificate
Professional Practices Collage Certificate
Religious Studies Collage Certificate
Social Justice Collage Certificate
Spanish Language Collage Certificate
Spatial Information Systems Collage Certificate
Sustainable Development Collage Certificate
Teaching ESL Linguistics Collage Certificate
Urban Studies Collage Certificate
Writing and Rhetoric Collage Certificate
Modelling of Complex Social Systems (MoCSSy) graduate certificate Collage Certificate
Development and Sustainability graduate certificate Collage Certificate
Modelling of Complex Social Systems (MoCSSy) graduate certificate Collage Certificate
Neuroscience Graduate Certificate Collage Certificate
Modelling of Complex Social Systems (MoCSSy) graduate certificate Collage Certificate
Neuroscience Graduate Certificate Collage Certificate
Modelling of Complex Social Systems (MoCSSy) graduate certificate Collage Certificate
Visual Analytics graduate certificate Collage Certificate
Science & Technology Commercialization Graduate Certificate (Invention to Innovation) Collage Certificate
Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies Collage Certificate
Business Analysis Collage Certificate
Business Management Collage Certificate
Career Development Practitioner: Employment Services Collage Certificate
Community Capacity Building  Collage Certificate
Community Data Science Collage Certificate
Creative Writing  Collage Certificate
Dialogue and Civic Engagement Collage Certificate
Editing Collage Certificate
Evaluation for Social Change and Transformational Learning Certificate Collage Certificate
Executive Leadership Program Collage Certificate
First Responders Trauma Prevention and Recovery Collage Certificate
Human Resources Management Collage Certificate
Legal Interpretation and Translation (Mandarin Chinese/English) Collage Certificate
Liberal Arts (for adults 55+) Collage Certificate
Medical Translation and Interpretation (Mandarin Chinese/English) Collage Certificate
Non-Profit Management Collage Certificate
Occupational Health and Safety Collage Certificate
Plain Language Collage Certificate
Project Management Collage Certificate
Public Relations Collage Certificate
Restorative Justice Collage Certificate
Risk Management Collage Certificate
Social Innovation Collage Certificate
Technical Communication Collage Certificate
Urban Design Collage Certificate
Craft Beer and Brewing Essentials Continuing education
End-of-Life Studies Continuing education
English Language and Culture Program Continuing education
Simultaneous Interpretation Program (Mandarin Chinese) Continuing education
Strategic Supply Chain Management Leadership Program Continuing education
Education Graduate Diploma Diploma
Business Graduate Diploma Diploma
Urban Studies (Grad Diploma) Diploma
Interpretation and Translation (Mandarin Chinese) Diploma
Rehabilitation and Disability Management Diploma
Business  (PhD) Doctoral
Engineering (Meng/PhD) Master/Doctoral
Archaeology (M/PhD) Master/Doctoral
Geography (MA,Msc,Phd) Master/Doctoral
Economics(MA, PhD) Master/Doctoral
English (MA,PhD) Master/Doctoral
Gender, Sexuality, Women studies (MA.PhD) Master/Doctoral
Gerontology (MA, PhD) Master/Doctoral
History (MA,PhD) Master/Doctoral
Linguistics(MA, PhD) Master/Doctoral
Political Science (MA,PhD Master/Doctoral
Psychology (MA, PhD) Master/Doctoral
Anthropology (MA, PhD) Master/Doctoral
Criminology (MA, PhD) Master/Doctoral
Sociology (MA,PhD) Master/Doctoral
Health Science (MSc , PhD) Master/Doctoral
Bioinformatics (MSc, PhD) Master/Doctoral
Biological Sciences (MSc, PhD) Master/Doctoral
Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology (MSc, PhD) Master/Doctoral
Chemistry (MSc,PhD) Master/Doctoral
Earth Sciences (MSc, PhD) Master/Doctoral
Mathematics (MSc, PhD) Master/Doctoral
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry(MSc, PhD) Master/Doctoral
Physics (MSc, PhD) Master/Doctoral
Statistics and Actuarial Science (MSc, PhD) Master/Doctoral
Communication (MA, PhD) Master/Doctoral
Interactive Arts and Technology (MA,MSc, PhD) Master/Doctoral
Education (MSc, MEd, MA, EdD,PhD) Master/Doctoral
Computing Science (MSc and PhD) Master/Doctoral
Education (MEd, MA, PhD) Master/Doctoral
Interactive Arts and Technology (MA, MSc, PhD) Master/Doctoral
Mechatronic Systems Engineering (MASc, PhD) Master/Doctoral
Operations Research (MSc and PhD) Master/Doctoral
Professional Computing Science Master’s (Big Data, Visual Computing, or Cybersecurity) Master’s
Dual-degree program with Zhejiang University Master’s
Master of Applied Science (MASc) Master’s
Professional MA in Heritage Resource Management Master’s
MSc in Ecological Restoration (Joint Degree with BCIT) Master’s
MATE (The Master of Arts for Teachers of English) Master’s
French (MA) Master’s
Humanities (MA) Master’s
Philosophy (MA) Master’s
MA-ALS (Master of Arts in Applied Legal Studies) Master’s
MA-TRSS: Terrorism, Risk, & Security Studies Professional Master’s Program Master’s
MPH (Master of Public Health) Master’s
Master of Pest Management (MPM) Master’s
Master of Environmental Toxicology (MET) Master’s
MA Double Degree in Global Communication Master’s
Business (MBA part-time) Master’s
Master of Arts for Teachers of English  Master’s
Master of Arts in Applied Legal Studies  Master’s
 Business (MBA ) Master’s
Americas MBA for Executives Master’s
Executive Business (MBA) Master’s
Executive MBA in Indigenous Business Leadership Master’s
Management of Technology MBA Master’s
Master of Science in Finance (MSc Finance) Master’s
Part-time MBA at SFU Surrey Master’s
Contemporary Arts (MA,MFA) Master’s
Digital Media (MDM) Master’s
International Studies (MA) Master’s
Latin American Studies (MA) Master’s
Liberal Studies (MA) Master’s
Master of Digital Media Master’s
Master of Publishing Master’s
MSc Finance  Master’s
Public Policy (MA) Master’s
Publishing (M.Pub) Master’s
Urban Studies (M.Ubr) Master’s


*University World Rank is given based on 2019 UniRank.

Additional information


British Columbia


Agriculture and food science, Applied Science and Professions, Art and Cultural Studies, Business Management, Computer Science and IT, Engineering, Environmental_Studies_and_Geography, Language_and_Education, Law_and_Legal_Service, Mathematics_and_Statistics, Media_and_Journalism, Medicine_and_Health_Science, Natural_Sciences, social_Science_and_Economics

Tuition Fee Range for International Student


Percentage of international Student



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