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Gradhopper strives to help any student with dreams of studying abroad achieve their goals. We’re an all-in-one service that provides students with all the tools and support that you’ll need to turn your dreams into reality.

We work with prospective students and partner universities and colleges to help connect them and bring students success. If you’re a prospective student, we invite you to contact us and claim your success. If you’re a prospective partner university, we invite you to contact us and become a major part of someone’s courageous success story. Either way, the first step on your journey is registering with Gradhopper!

Have you got a question or suggestion to make our services even more useful? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. All comments are welcome!

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Gradhopper is an all-in-one service for students who wish to study abroad. We provide students with all the tools and support they need to achieve their dreams. Whether it’s finding the perfect university and scholarship for you, or a vast knowledge base with everything you need to know before studying abroad, Gradhopper has you covered. And our professional team provides support and personalized assistance to help students fill out documents and navigate through the admission process.

Studying abroad is a life-changing decision that needs a lot of thought and hard work. We had been down that road before and knew the help students would need. You can trust Gradhopper’s experience when it comes to our services. We truly believe that students in every corner of the world who interested in studying abroad should have all the help when they needed the most.

Co-founders: Sumudu Alexander (B.Sc.| LSS.BB.) / Madushan Thilina (Ph.D.)

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To pass full funded scholarship opportunities to students around the world who interested in studying abroad.

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