University of New Brunswick, Fredericton and Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

  • Degree Level Offered: Doctoral, Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Continuing Education
  • World/Country Rank: 537/25
  • Tuition Fee Range for International Student: 7000-17000 CAD per year
  • Scholarship for International Students: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Work while studying: Yes
  • International student percentage: 13%



  • Applied Science and Professions
  • Art and Cultural Studies
  • Business Management
  • Computer Science and IT
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Studies and Geography
  • Language and Education
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Medicine and Health Science
  • Media and Journalism
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Science and Economics


PhD Recruitment Funding Program

International Student Bursary

Dr. Wu Yee-sun and Mrs. Wu Ho Man-yuen Memorial Graduate Bursary

Entrance scholarship

Sir Howard Douglas Award

Alumni Entrance Scholarship

Arthur & Sandra Irving Primrose Scholarship

Loran Scholars Foundation

H. Harrison McCain Bursaries/Scholarships

Beaverbrook Scholars Award

Currie Undergraduate Scholarship

NSERC/SSHRC/CIHR doctoral awards

Vanier doctoral scholarships

NBIF, NBHRF, Trudeau Graduate Fellowships

Mackenzie King Graduate Scholarships

O’Brien Foundation Fellowships

ACENET Research Fellowship Program


NBIF, NBHRF, Mackenzie King Graduate Scholarships

McCall MacBain Scholarships

CENET Research Fellowship Program


Program Name Level of Education
Biology (Fredericton) Doctoral
Biology (Saint John) Doctoral
Chemical Engineering Doctoral
Chemistry Doctoral
Civil Engineering Doctoral
Computer Science Doctoral
Earth Sciences Doctoral
Education Doctoral
Electrical and Computer Engineering  Doctoral
English  Doctoral
Forestry & Environmental Management Doctoral
Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering Doctoral
History Doctoral
Interdisciplinary Studies  Doctoral
Mathematics & Statistics Doctoral
Mechanical Engineering  Doctoral
Physics  Doctoral
Psychology (Fredericton) Doctoral
Psychology (Saint John)  Doctoral
Sociology  Doctoral
Anthropology  Master’s
Biology (Saint John) Master’s
Biology (Fredericton) Master’s
Business Administration (Saint John) Master’s
Business Administration (Fredericton)   Master’s
Chemical Engineering  Master’s
Chemistry  Master’s
Civil Engineering  Master’s
Classics & Ancient History  Master’s
Computer Science Master’s
Earth Sciences  Master’s
Economics  Master’s
Education  Master’s
Electrical and Computer Engineering  Master’s
English  Master’s
Forestry & Environmental Management Master’s
Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering Master’s
Health Services Research (Applied) Master’s
History Master’s
Interdisciplinary Studies  Master’s
Kinesiology  Master’s
Mathematics & Statistics Master’s
Mechanical Engineering  Master’s
Nursing  Master’s
Physics  Master’s
Political Science Master’s
Psychology (Fredericton) Master’s
Psychology (Saint John)  Master’s
Quantitative Investment Management Master’s
Sociology  Master’s
Technology Management & Entrepreneurship Master’s
Applied Arts Bachelor’s
Accounting Bachelor’s
Electronic Commerce Bachelor’s
General Business Bachelor’s
Hospitality and Tourism Bachelor’s
Anthropology Bachelor’s
Archaeology Bachelor’s
Biology Bachelor’s
Classical Studies Bachelor’s
Classics Bachelor’s
Comparative Cultural Studies Bachelor’s
Comparative Literature Bachelor’s
Creative Writing Bachelor’s
Criminal Justice Studies Bachelor’s
Drama Bachelor’s
Economic Studies Bachelor’s
Economics (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Economics (Saint John) Bachelor’s
English (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
English  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
French (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
French  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Gender and Women’s Studies Bachelor’s
Gender Studies Bachelor’s
History  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
History  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Communication Studies Bachelor’s
International Development Studies Bachelor’s
Law in Society Bachelor’s
Linguistics Bachelor’s
Mathematics Bachelor’s
Media Arts and Cultures Bachelor’s
Music Bachelor’s
Neuroscience Bachelor’s
Philosophy  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Philosophy  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Political Science Bachelor’s
Politics Bachelor’s
Psychology  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Psychology  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Sociology  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Sociology  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Statistics Bachelor’s
Accounting  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Accounting   (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Economics Bachelor’s
Economics and Finance (combined) Bachelor’s
Economics Bachelor’s
Electronic Commerce Bachelor’s
Entrepreneurship Bachelor’s
Finance  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Finance  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
French Communication and Culture Bachelor’s
Human Resources Management  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Human Resources Management  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
International Business Bachelor’s
Logistics Bachelor’s
Marketing  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Marketing  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Computer Science  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Computer Science  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Adult Education Bachelor’s
Education  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Education  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Chemical Engineering  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Chemical Engineering  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Civil Engineering  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Civil Engineering  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Electrical and Computer Engineering Bachelor’s
Electrical Engineering Bachelor’s
Geological Engineering  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Geological Engineering   (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Mechanical Engineering  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Mechanical Engineering  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Environment and Natural Resources Bachelor’s
Forestry Bachelor’s
Biomedical Sciences and Health Bachelor’s
Management in Health Bachelor’s
Society and Health Bachelor’s
Radiography Bachelor’s
Respiratory Therapy Bachelor’s
Information Sciences Bachelor’s
Kinesiology Bachelor’s
Law Bachelor’s
Integrated Studies (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Leadership Studies  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Medical Laboratory Science Bachelor’s
Nursing  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Nursing  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Nursing – Advanced Standing Bachelor’s
Recreation and Sport Studies Bachelor’s
Biology-Chemistry Bachelor’s
Biology (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Biology-Psychology Bachelor’s
Biology (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Chemistry  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Chemistry  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Earth Sciences Bachelor’s
Economics  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Economics  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Environmental Biology Bachelor’s
Environmental Geochemistry Bachelor’s
Geology Bachelor’s
Marine Biology Bachelor’s
Mathematics Bachelor’s
Mathematics and Statistics Bachelor’s
Physics  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Physics  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Psychology  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Psychology Bachelor’s
Statistics Bachelor’s
Software Engineering  (Fredericton) Bachelor’s
Software Engineering  (Saint John) Bachelor’s
Business Administration (Fredericton) Continuing education


*University World and Country Rank is given based on UniRank record.

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New Brunswick


Applied Science and Professions, Art and Cultural Studies, Business Management, Computer Science and IT, Engineering, Environmental_Studies_and_Geography, Language_and_Education, Law_and_Legal_Service, Mathematics_and_Statistics, Media_and_Journalism, Medicine_and_Health_Science, Natural_Sciences, social_Science_and_Economics

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