University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is western Canada’s first university, established in 1877, and located on original lands of Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene peoples, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation. We are Manitoba’s only research-intensive university, and one of the country’s top research institutions. We have more than 29,000 undergraduate and graduate students, and more than 145,000 alumni living in 140 countries.

We attract people from around the world who share our ideals and vision for positive change. We believe in embracing challenges and taking action. Our students, researchers and alumni bring their unique voices to learning and discovery, shaping new ways of doing things and contributing to important conversations in topics that matter most, from human rights to global health to climate change. We are where imagination and action collide.

  • Degree Level Offered: Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral, Post Doctoral, Diploma, Collage Certificate, Bridging, Continuing Education
  • World/Country Rank: 315/22
  • Tuition Fee Range for International Student: 3000- 82000 CAD per year
  • Scholarship for International Students: Yes
  • Percentage of international Student: 17%
  • Work while studying: Yes



  • Agriculture and Food Science
  • Applied Science and Professions
  • Art and Cultural Studies
  • Business Management
  • Computer Science and IT
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Studies and Geography
  • Language and Education
  • Law and Legal Service
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Media and Journalism
  • Medicine and Health Science
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Science and Economics

Common Scholarships 

Program and Scholarships

Program Name Department Scholarships
Aboriginal Business Studies

Greg Doroschuk Memorial Scholarship


Aboriginal Governance SearchableAwards 
Accounting BDO Canada LLP Scholarship for Intermediate Accounting – Equities
CPA Manitoba Scholarship in Indigenous Business Education
Frederick Johnson Scholarship for Accounting
Greg Doroschuk Memorial Scholarship
Lloyd E. McLaughlin Scholarship
Matthew M. Jones Scholarship for Accounting
PWC Professional Scholarships
Robert Syme Memorial Scholarship
Victor (Vic) Miller Scholarship for Accounting and Finance
William G. Eamer Professional Scholarship
Actuarial Mathematics – Business  Dr. Jiri Sichler Memorial Scholarship in Algebra
Great-West Life Actuarial Career Scholarship
Greg Doroschuk Memorial Scholarship
Kathryn Qin Actuarial Scholarship
M. David R. Brown Memorial Scholarship in Actuarial Studies
Winnipeg Actuarial Club Scholarship
Actuarial Mathematics – Science Dr. Jiri Sichler Memorial Scholarship in Algebra
Great-West Life Actuarial Career Scholarship
Greg Doroschuk Memorial Scholarship
Kathryn Qin Actuarial Scholarship
M. David R. Brown Memorial Scholarship in Actuarial Studies
Winnipeg Actuarial Club Scholarship
Agribusiness SearchableAwards 
Agriculture SearchableAwards 
Agriculture Diploma SearchableAwards 
Agroecology SearchableAwards 

Anna Storgaard Scholarship
E.L. Wight Memorial Scholarship

American Sign Language/English Interpretation SearchableAwards 
Animal Systems Manitoba Egg Farmers Scholarship in Animal Systems
Swine Health Professionals Ltd. Scholarship
Anthropology SearchableAwards 
Applied Mathematics Dr. Jiri Sichler Memorial Scholarship in Algebra
EISI Alumni Scholarship in Computer Science
Art SearchableAwards 
Art History SearchableAwards 
Asian Studies SearchableAwards 
Astronomy SearchableAwards 
Athletic Therapy Bison Student AT Awards
Biochemistry Esther G. Castanera Scholarship
Biological Sciences SearchableAwards 
Biosystems Engineering Bell MTS Scholarships (Engineering portion)
Dr. G.E. Laliberte Scholarship
Dr. N.R. Bulley Scholarship
G. MacDonald Family Scholarship in Biosystems Engineering
Michael Randolph Hawrysh Award for Achievement in Biosystems Engineering
Biotechnology Edna S. Hollier Scholarship (Edna S. Hollier Scholarship)
Business SearchableAwards 
Canadian Studies SearchableAwards 
Catholic Studies SearchableAwards 
Central & East European Studies SearchableAwards 
Ceramics SearchableAwards 
Chemistry A.N. Campbell Scholarship
Demchuk Scholarship for Women in Chemistry
Esther G. Castanera Scholarship
Hugh J. Anderson Undergraduate Scholarship in Chemistry
Reverend Joseph Hogg Scholarship
Civil Engineering Bell MTS Scholarships (Engineering portion)
Concrete Manitoba Scholarship
Engineering Academic Excellence Award – Civil Engineering
Frank M. Fowler Memorial Scholarship
Lafarge Engineering Access Program (ENGAP) Scholarship
Professor Art Sparling Scholarship in Engineering
Classical Studies SearchableAwards 
Classics SearchableAwards 
Commerce SearchableAwards 
Computer Engineering Andrew Fung Memorial Scholarship
Bell MTS Scholarships (Engineering portion)
Donald George Lougheed Memorial Scholarship
Engineering Academic Excellence Award – Computer Engineering ()
Computer Science Bell MTS Scholarships (Computer Science)
EISI Alumni Scholarship in Computer Science
Elizabeth Luginbuhl Memorial Award
RAPID RTC Scholarship in Computer Science
Ralph G. Stanton Scholarship 
Ubisoft Winnipeg Scholarship for Women in Computer Science
Cree SearchableAwards 
Criminology SearchableAwards 
Dental Hygiene SearchableAwards 
Dentistry SearchableAwards 
Drama SearchableAwards 
Drawing SearchableAwards 
Economics Dr. Y.C. Ma Scholarship for Economics 
Education – Bachelor of Education SearchableAwards 
Education – Post Baccalaureate SearchableAwards 
Electrical Engineering Andrew Fung Memorial Scholarship
Bell MTS Scholarships (Engineering portion)
John H.A. Pearson Engineering Scholarship
Leonard A. Bateman Scholarship for Electrical Engineering Power Option
English Aikins Scholarship in the English Language & Literature 
Alexander Robert Leonard Scholarship 
Alexander, Pauline and Sybil Shack Scholarship in English 
Andrew Young Scholarship
Dorothy I. Jones Memorial Honours Award 
Roscoe R. Miller Scholarship
Sheila Moore Scholarship
Walter E. Kroeker Memorial Scholarship in Eighteenth-Century Literature 
William Briskie Memorial Scholarships in English and Economics 
Entomology SearchableAwards 
Entrepreneurship/Small Business Greg Doroschuk Memorial Scholarship
The Koop Family Entrepreneurship and Small Business Scholarship 
Environmental Design Price Industries Limited Undergraduate Award 
Terry Cristall Scholarship in Environmental Design
Environmental Science SearchableAwards 
Environmental Studies SearchableAwards 
Family Social Sciences SearchableAwards 
Film Studies SearchableAwards 
Finance Edwin Cohen Scholarship in Finance 
Frank W. Buchanan Memorial Award
Greg Doroschuk Memorial Scholarship
Michael Kitt Scholarship in Commerce Studies 
Victor (Vic) Miller Scholarship for Accounting and Finance 
William G. Eamer Professional Scholarship 
Fine Arts SearchableAwards 
Food Science Roma Collins Memorial Scholarship
French Emilie Sumi Denney Scholarship
Ethel M. Falardeau Scholarship Fund 
Marcel Richard Memorial Scholarship 
Sheila Moore Scholarship
Genetics Edna S. Hollier Scholarship
Geography  Joseph Wolinsky Scholarship
Roscoe R. Miller Scholarship
Geological Sciences Diana Loranger Memorial Scholarship
Donald McIvor Scholarship
Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Scholarship in Geological Sciences
GAC-MAC Winnipeg 2013 Scholarship
Kenneth Bergwall Memorial Scholarship
Marjorie C. Anderson Scholarship
Marty Morrice Field Geology Award
Mike and Lesia Muzylowski Scholarships of Excellence (Geological Sciences)
Paul R. Beaudoin Memorial Geochemistry Scholarship
Geology Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Scholarship in Geological Sciences
Kenneth Bergwall Memorial Scholarship
Geophysics Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Scholarship in Geological Sciences
Kenneth Bergwall Memorial Scholarship
German SearchableAwards 
Global Political Economy SearchableAwards 
Graphic Design hSearchableAwards 
Greek SearchableAwards 
Health Sciences SearchableAwards 
Health Studies SearchableAwards 
History Honourable Peter Taraska Memorial Scholarship in History
Robert Sirluck Scholarship
Senator Gildas Molgat Memorial Scholarships in History
The Lord Selkirk Association of Rupert’s Land Memorial Scholarship
Human Nutritional Sciences Catherine E. Reimer Memorial Scholarship
Helen Fowler Broughton Scholarship
Manitoba Egg Farmers Scholarship – Human Nutritional Sciences
Roma Collins Memorial Scholarship
Russell Hendrix Foodservice Equipment Scholarship
Human Resource Management / Industrial Relations Greg Doroschuk Memorial Scholarship
Hydro X Scholarship
Icelandic Anna and Snorri Olson Memorial Scholarship
International Business Greg Doroschuk Memorial Scholarship 
Italian SearchableAwards 
Jazz Studies SearchableAwards 
Judaic Studies SearchableAwards 
Kinesiology SearchableAwards 
Labour Studies Charles Biesick Memorial Scholarship
Latin SearchableAwards
Latin American Studies SearchableAwards
Law SearchableAwards
Leadership and Organizations SearchableAwards
Linguistics SearchableAwards
Logistics and Supply Chain Management APICS Scholarship
Greg Doroschuk Memorial Scholarship
Winnifred May Johnson Scholarship (undergraduate portion)
Management SearchableAwards
Management Information Systems Greg Doroschuk Memorial Scholarship
Marketing Greg Doroschuk Memorial Scholarship
Mathematics Agnes Stewart Hart Award in Mathematics
David E. Dobbs Scholarship in Mathematics 
Department of Mathematics Two Year Entrance Scholarship (renewal) 
Dr. Adam Giesinger Scholarship in Science and Mathematics
Dr. Jiri Sichler Memorial Scholarship in Algebra
EISI Alumni Scholarship in Computer Science
Esther G. Castanera Scholarship
Honours Mathematics Scholarship
Robert Ross McLaughlin Scholarship in Mathematics
Mechanical Engineering Bell MTS Scholarships (Engineering portion) 
Consortium for Aerospace Research and Innovation in Canada Scholarship in Engineering
Medicine SearchableAwards
Medieval & Renaissance Studies SearchableAwards
Microbiology Edna S. Hollier Scholarship
Oscar Vong Memorial Scholarship
Music SearchableAwards
Music Composition SearchableAwards
Music Education SearchableAwards
Music History SearchableAwards
Music Performance SearchableAwards
Native Studies SearchableAwards
Nursing SearchableAwards
Ojibway SearchableAwards
Operations Management/Research Greg Doroschuk Memorial Scholarship
Painting SearchableAwards
Pharmacy SearchableAwards
Philosophy Mr. & Mrs. George Soudack Scholarship for the Humanities
Photography SearchableAwards
Physical Education SearchableAwards
Physical Geography SearchableAwards
Physics C.P. Loewen Family Foundation Scholarship in Physics
Centennial Scholarship in Physics Esther G. Castanera Scholarship
H.L. Verrall Family Scholarship in Physics
Harold R. Coish Memorial Scholarship
Kenneth Roulston Memorial Scholarship
Samuel M. Neamtan Memorial Scholarship
Plant Biotechnology SearchableAwards
Polish SearchableAwards
Political Studies Honourable John Norquay Scholarship
Senator Gildas Molgat Memorial Scholarships in Political Studies
Sheila Moore Scholarship
Pre-Veterinary Medicine SearchableAwards
Print Media SearchableAwards
Psychology – Arts SearchableAwards
Psychology – Science SearchableAwards
Recreation Management and Community Development SearchableAwards
Religion Father John C. Hanley, sj, Memorial Scholarship in Religious Studies
Marguerite Clara Germaine Jerome Scholarship in Religion
Respiratory Therapy SearchableAwards
Russian SearchableAwards
Science SearchableAwards
Sculpture SearchableAwards
Social Work SearchableAwards
Sociology Brian Patrick O’Connell Memorial Scholarship in Languages and Sociology 
Soil Science SearchableAwards
Spanish SearchableAwards
Statistics Dr. Cyril H. Goulden Memorial Scholarship
Kathryn Qin Actuarial Scholarship
M. David R. Brown Memorial Scholarship in Actuarial Studies
Winnipeg Actuarial Club Scholarship
Theatre Leah and Sidney Sheps Scholarship 
Ukrainian SearchableAwards
Ukrainian Canadian Heritage Studies SearchableAwards
University 1 SearchableAwards
Video SearchableAwards
Women’s & Gender Studies SearchableAwards
Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics SearchableAwards
Animal Science Major G.E.H. Barrett-Hamilton Memorial Scholarship
Anthropology C. Thomas Shay Scholarship 
Applied Health Sciences  Applied Health Sciences PhD Program Entrance Scholarship
Architecture  Corrigill Scholarship
Norman Ripley Memorial Scholarship
William E. Sheets Scholarship in Architecture
Biochemistry and Medical Genetics Human Genetics Endowment Fund Graduate Student Award
Biological Sciences E. Scherer Memorial Scholarship
Eugene Reimer Scholarship for Biological Sciences
G.A. Lubinsky Memorial Scholarship
H.E. Welch Memorial Graduate Scholarship
Major G.E.H. Barrett-Hamilton Memorial Scholarship
Nature Manitoba Scholarship
Roger Evans Memorial Scholarship
Biomedical Engineering SearchableAwards
Biosystems Engineering  W.E. Muir Scholarship for Graduate Students in Biosystems Engineering
Canadian Studies SearchableAwards
Chemistry Chemistry Centennial Scholarship
Chemistry Graduate Students’ Association Scholarship
Ernst and Ingrid Bock Graduate Award
Hugh J. Anderson Graduate Award in Chemistry
Mark G. and Patricia N. Smerchanski Graduate Award in Chemistry
Robert H. Betts Graduate Award in Chemistry
Theodore (Ted) Peter Schaefer Graduate Award in Chemistry
Walter and Elizabeth Rodewald Scholarship
City Planning  City Planning Jubilee Scholarship
Corrigill Scholarship
Civil Engineering  AECOM– John Allen Knowles Memorial Scholarship
Antenbring Graduate Scholarship in Engineering
Duncan Norrie Memorial Scholarship
Duncan Norrie Memorial Scholarship in Water Resources
John Glanville Memorial Scholarship
Neil Burgess Memorial Scholarship
Classics Lyla May Guest Hugill Scholarship in Classics 
Collaborative PhD SearchableAwards
Community Health Sciences David G. Fish Memorial Scholarship
Manitoba Family Year 1994 Legacy Scholarship
Computer Science Michael S. Doyle Graduate Fellowship
Design and Planning (Architecture) SearchableAwards
Disability Studies SearchableAwards
Economics Clarence Barber Memorial Award 
Education SearchableAwards
Éducation (Université de Saint-Boniface) SearchableAwards
Electrical and Computer Engineering SearchableAwards
English, Theatre, Film, & Media Aaron Jenkins Perry Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Vernon B. Rhodenizer Graduate Scholarship
John Meredith Robinson Memorial Scholarship
Lyla May Guest Hugill Scholarship in English
Margaret H. Tyler Award in English 
Nancy Moncrieff Scholarship in English 
Entomology A.G. Robinson Memorial Scholarship 
Dr. Cameron Jay Memorial Scholarship
Environment and Geography SearchableAwards
Finance SearchableAwards
Fine Art SearchableAwards
Food Science SearchableAwards
French, Spanish and Italian Margaret R. Pope Scholarship 
Genetic Counselling SearchableAwards
Geography SearchableAwards
Geological Sciences Rita Wadien Memorial Scholarship 
German and Slavic Studies SearchableAwards
History Dr. James Burns Award in History
Human Anatomy and Cell Science SearchableAwards
Human Nutritional Sciences Janet Fabro McComb Award 
Human Rights SearchableAwards
Immunology SearchableAwards
Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs SearchableAwards
Interior Design Corrigill Scholarship 
Jean M. Pearen Scholarship
Joan Harland Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Interior Design
Kinesiology and Recreation Management hSearchableAwards
Landscape Architecture Alexander E. Rattray Scholarship in Landscape Architecture
Barkman Concrete Scholarship
Corrigill Scholarship
Law Bernard B. Dubienski and Amy E. Dubienski Memorial Scholarship 
Muriel St. John Graduate Research Award for Women’s Legal Issues
Linguistics SearchableAwards
Management SearchableAwards
Mathematics Graduate Award for Excellence in Mathematics
Mechanical Engineering SearchableAwards
Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases SearchableAwards
Medicine SearchableAwards
Microbiology Howard Lees Scholarship in Microbiology 
Music SearchableAwards
Native Studies SearchableAwards
Natural Resources Management Ghostpine Environmental Services Ltd. Prairie Research Award
Nursing Child Health Graduate Studentship in Nursing
Doris Irene Wilton Memorial Scholarship 
Edith Parker Scholarship Kathleen and Winnifred Ruane Nurse Practitioner Scholarships 
Margaret Elder Hart Graduate Study Award
Murphy Scholarship in Graduate Research in Oncology Nursing
Peter and Dorothy Saydak Memorial Scholarship
Occupational Therapy  Arthritis Society Entrance Scholarship in Occupational Therapy 
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery SearchableAwards
Oral Biology SearchableAwards
Orthodontics SearchableAwards
Pathology SearchableAwards
Peace and Conflict Studies SearchableAwards
Pediatric Dentistry SearchableAwards
Periodontics SearchableAwards
Pharmacology and Therapeutics SearchableAwards
Pharmacy William G. Eamer / College of Pharmacists of Manitoba Graduate Scholarship 
Philosophy Department of Philosophy Graduate Scholarship 
Harold R. Abells Fellowship/Scholarship 
Physical Therapy  SearchableAwards
Physician Assistant Studies SearchableAwards
Physics and Astronomy Ernst and Ingrid Bock Graduate Award
Physics and Astronomy Centennial Graduate Fellowship 
Physiology and Pathophysiology SearchableAwards
Plant Science  Ian N. Morrison Award for Advanced Studies in Crop Protection
Manitoba Horticulturists Graduate Scholarship
Political Studies SearchableAwards
Prosthodontics SearchableAwards
Psychology and School Psychology Mark Lewis Nozick Memorial Scholarship
Psychology Alumni Faculty Scholarship
Shannon L. Hamm Memorial Scholarship
Public Administration SearchableAwards
Rehabilitation Sciences SearchableAwards
Religion  August Dyck Scholarship 
Social Work Elizabeth Hill Scholarship
Galaway Foundation Scholarship 
Margaret Mary Burns Award in Social Work 
Social Work – Indigenous Knowledges SearchableAwards
Sociology and Criminology Sociology Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship 
Soil Science SearchableAwards
Statistics SearchableAwards
Surgery SearchableAwards
Slavic Studies SearchableAwards
International Dentist Degree Program (IDDP)
Internationally Educated Engineers Qualification (IEEQ) Program
Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Medical Physiology and Pathophysiology
Business Analysis (BA) SearchableAwards
Human Resource Management (HRM)
Management and Administration (CIMA)
Municipal Administration (CMMA)
Quality Management (QM)
Customer Service Specialization (CAM-CSS)
Leadership Development (CAM-LD)
Public Sector Management (CPSM)
Retail Management (CAM-RM)
Utilities Management (CAM-UM)
Applied Business Analysis (ABA)
Program Development for Adult Learners (PDAL)
Applied Counselling (ACC) SearchableAwards
Applied Business Management (ABM)
Applied Human Resource Management (AHRM)
Intensive English Program SearchableAwards


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