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Planning to Study Abroad Canada

One of the most time-consuming aspects of planning to study abroad is the hours spent doing online searches for universities and scholarships. And even if you find one, you’ll never know if it was the best one for you.

You can save yourself a lot of time and worry by telling Gradhopper what you’re looking for and letting us find the best university for you. Simply enter the country you desire to study in, the level of study, academic discipline and Gradhopper will do the rest.

You’ll be provided with a list of schools that meet your criteria, along with information about them like tuition fees, admission requirements and program information and all eligible scholarships to apply.

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Study Abroad Canada

Studying abroad is something most people only daydream about, so you obviously have more courage than most people. But you can’t succeed on courage alone. There are lots of things you’ll need to know. Why not learn from people who have already been there, or from industry experts and professionals?  Luckily, you’ll be provided this information through Gradhopper, in the form of easy-to-watch webinars, videos and written materials. In the Knowledge Base, you’ll find a wealth of information on topics like English requirements, university and scholarship applications, research proposals and more! 

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Study Abroad Consultants Canada

Deciding on a university program and completing the pre-requisites are just the first steps. But really nailing the application and getting through the admissions process is a hassle that Gradhopper can help guide you through. Gradhopper’s team of professionals can review your documents and letters and suggest changes to them that will ensure your success! Whether it’s your scholarship or university application, your research proposal, or any other document, our Personalized Assistance service can help you by suggesting edits or ideas to help you succeed. It’s a bit like having an academic adviser whose only job is to help you get through the admissions process and get you into the university of your dreams! 

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