Vancouver Island University – Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. 

  • Degree Level Offered: Bachelors, Masters, Diploma, Collage Certificate, Bridging, Continuing Education
  • World/Country Rank: 1366/40
  • Tuition Fee Range for International Student: 4500- 50000 CAD per year
  • Scholarship for International Students: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Percentage of international Student: 20%
  • Work while studying: Yes



  • Agriculture and Food Science
  • Applied Science and Professions
  • Art and Cultural Studies
  • Business Management
  • Computer Science and IT
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Studies and Geography
  • Language_and_Education
  • Law_and_Legal_Service
  • Mathematics_and_Statistics
  • Media and Journalism
  • Medicine_and_Health_Science
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Science and Economics


Program Detail

Program Name Degree Level
Accounting (BBA) Major B.B.A.
Anthropology (BA) Major, Minor B.A.
Bachelor of Arts (BA), Honours, Majors, and Minors B.A.
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Majors and Minors B.B.A.
Bachelor of Education B.Ed.
Bachelor of Education – Post Baccalaureate B.Ed.
Bachelor of Fine Arts – Theatre Transfer Transfer Program B.F.A.
Bachelor of Hospitality Management Co-op B.A.
Bachelor of Interior Design B.A.
Bachelor of Kinesiology B.Kin
Bachelor of Music – Classical Transfer Transfer Program B.Mus.
Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies B.Mus.
Bachelor of Natural Resource Protection B.Sc.
Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture Co-op B.Sc.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing B.N.
Bachelor of Social Work B.A.
Bachelor of Tourism Management Co-op B.A.
Biology (BA) Minor B.A.
Biology (BSc) Honours, Major, Minor B.Sc.
Business (BA) Minor B.A.
Chemistry (BA) Minor B.A.
Chemistry (BSc) Major, Minor B.Sc.
Child and Youth Care (BA) B.A.
Computer Science (BSc) Co-op, Major, Minor B.Sc.
Computing Science (BA) Minor B.A.
Creative Writing and Journalism (BA) Major, Minor B.A.
Criminology (BA) Major, Minor B.A.
Design in Graphic Design B.A.
Digital Media (BA) Minor B.A.
Digital Media Studies (BA) Major B.A.
Earth Science (BA) Minor B.A.
Earth Science (BSc) Minor B.Sc.
Economics (BA) Major, Minor B.A.
Economics (BBA) Major B.B.A.
English (BA) Honours, Major, Minor B.A.
Financial Services (BBA) Major B.B.A.
Geography (BA) Honours, Major, Minor B.A.
Geography (BSc) Minor B.Sc.
Geoscience (BSc) Major B.Sc.
Global Studies (BA) Major, Minor B.A.
History (BA) Honours, Major, Minor B.A.
Human Resources Management (BBA) Major B.A.
Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies (BA) Major, Minor B.A.
International Business (BBA) Major B.B.A.
Kinesiology (BA) Minor B.A.
Languages and Culture (Romance Languages) (BA) Minor B.A.
Liberal Studies (BA) Major, Minor B.A.
Management (BBA) Major B.B.A.
Marketing (BBA) Major, Minor B.B.A.
Mathematics (BSc) Major, Minor B.Sc.
Media Studies (BA) Minor B.A.
Philosophy (BA) Honours, Major, Minor B.A.
Physics (BSc) Transfer Program B.Sc.
Political Studies (BA) Major, Minor B.A.
Psychology (BA) Honours, Major, Minor B.A.
Psychology (BSc) Major, Minor B.Sc.
Sociology (BA) Honours, Major, Minor B.A.
Studies in Women and Gender (BA) Major, Minor B.A.
Theatre (BA) Minor B.A.
Visual Art (BA) Major, Minor B.A.
Activity Assistant (Certificate) Certificate
Addiction Studies (Certificate) Certificate
Adult Basic Education (Certificate) Certificate
Aluminum Boat Building (Certificate) Certificate
Animal Care Aide (Certificate) Certificate
Applied Business Technology – Online (Certificate) Certificate
Arts One – First Nations (Certificate) Certificate
Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship (Certificate) Certificate
British Columbia First Nations Building Inspector (Certificate) Certificate
Business Fundamentals for Aboriginal Communities (Certificate) Certificate
Carpentry Apprenticeship (Certificate) Certificate
Certificate in Adventure Tourism and Recreation (Certificate) Certificate
Certificate in Business Management (Certificate) Certificate
Community Health Promotion for Aboriginal Communities (Certificate) Certificate
Community Mental Health Worker (Certificate) Certificate
Cooperative Entrepreneur Training Certificate (Certificate) Certificate
Culinary Arts Apprenticeship, Co-op (Certificate) Certificate
Dental Assistant (Certificate) Certificate
Education Assistant and Community Support (Certificate) Certificate
Electrician Apprenticeship (Certificate) Certificate
Engineering Transfer Certificate Transfer Program (Certificate) Certificate
Event Management Certificate (Certificate) Certificate
First Nations Housing Manager (Certificate) Certificate
Foundations for Success (Certificate) Certificate
Fundamentals of Forest Harvesting Practices (Certificate) Certificate
Graduate Certificate in Business (Certificate) Certificate
Hairstylist Foundation (Certificate) Certificate
Health Care Assistant (Certificate) Certificate
Heavy Equipment Operator (Certificate) Certificate
Heavy Mechanical Trades Foundation Apprenticeship (Certificate) Certificate
Horticultural Technician Foundation (Certificate) Certificate
Hospital Unit Coordinator (Certificate) Certificate
Legal Studies (Certificate) Certificate
Management Skills for Supervisors (Certificate) Certificate
Managing Conflict In The Workplace (Certificate) Certificate
Medical Device Reprocessing Technician (Certificate) Certificate
Medical Office Assistant (Certificate) Certificate
Motorcycle Mechanic and Marine Technician Apprenticeship (Certificate) Certificate
Office Administration (Certificate) Certificate
Power Engineering/Process Operator – 4th Class (Certificate) Certificate
Professional Baking and Pastry Arts Apprenticeship (Certificate) Certificate
Professional Esthetics (Certificate) Certificate
Proficiency in Language and Culture (Certificate) Certificate
Refrigeration Air-Conditioning Mechanic Apprenticeship (Certificate) Certificate
Welding Apprenticeship (Certificate) Certificate
Wine Business (Certificate) Certificate
Workplace Essential Skills and Training (Certificate) Certificate
Employability Skills Program (Bridging) Bridging
Advanced Diploma in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Applications (Diploma) Diploma
BC Adult Graduation Diploma (Diploma) Diploma
Business Administration (Diploma) Diploma
Child and Youth Care Diploma (Diploma) Diploma
Child and Youth Care First Nations Diploma (Diploma) Diploma
Computer Science (Diploma) Diploma
Criminology (Diploma) Diploma
Culinary Arts (Diploma) Diploma
Culinary Management (Diploma) Diploma
Culinary Management Apprenticeship, Co-op (Diploma) Diploma
Dental Hygiene (Diploma) Diploma
Early Childhood Education and Care (Diploma) Diploma
Engineering Transfer Diploma Transfer Program (Diploma) Diploma
Fisheries and Aquaculture (Diploma) Diploma
Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology Co-op (Diploma) Diploma
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation Advanced Diploma (Online) (Diploma) Diploma
Forest Resources Technology (Diploma) Diploma
Global Education Graduate Diploma (Diploma) Diploma
Graduate Diploma in Gerontology: Active Aging (Diploma) Diploma
Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management (Diploma) Diploma
Graduate Diploma in International Trade (Diploma) Diploma
Graduate Diploma in Project Management (Diploma) Diploma
Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Leisure Management (Diploma) Diploma
Hospitality Management (Diploma) Diploma
Hospitality Management Diploma Co-op (Diploma) Diploma
Inclusive Education (Special Education) Graduate Diploma (Diploma) Diploma
Information Technology and Applied Systems (Diploma) Diploma
Integrated Engineering Diploma (Diploma) Diploma
Jazz Studies (Diploma) Diploma
Leadership and Disability Studies (Diploma) Diploma
Online Learning and Teaching Graduate Diploma (Diploma) Diploma
Physical Education (Diploma) Diploma
Physics (Diploma) Diploma
Post-Degree Diploma in Business Studies (Diploma) Diploma
Post-Degree Diploma in Fisheries and Aquaculture (Diploma) Diploma
Post-Degree Diploma in Languages and Culture (Romance Languages) (Diploma) Diploma
Practical Nursing (Diploma) Diploma
Recreation & Sport Management (Diploma) Diploma
Recreation and Sport Management Co-op (Diploma) Diploma
Resource Management Officer Technology (Diploma) Diploma
Social Services (Diploma) Diploma
Special Education Teacher Specialty Post-Degree Diploma (Diploma) Diploma
Teacher Leadership Graduate Diploma (Diploma) Diploma
Theatre Transfer Program (Diploma) Diploma
Tourism Studies (Diploma) Diploma
Tourism Studies Co-op (Diploma) Diploma
Tourism/Recreation Management Degree (Diploma) Diploma
Visual Arts (Diploma) Diploma
Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management (M.Sc.) M.Sc.
Master of Business Administration (MBA) (M.Sc.) M.Sc.
Master of Community Planning (M.Sc.) M.Sc.
Master of Education in Educational Leadership (M.Sc.) M.Sc.
Master of Education in Special Education (M.Sc.) M.Sc.
Master of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications (M.Sc.) M.Sc.
English as a Second Language (ESL) (Bridging) Bridging
Executive Professional Development (Bridging) Bridging
Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (TESOL) (Bridging) Bridging
Culinary Arts Bridging Transfer Program (Bridging) Bridging
Master Gardener (Certificate) Certificate
 High School Graduation (BC Dogwood Diploma) (Diploma) Diploma
 Adult International High School Diploma (Diploma) Diploma
 International University Foundation Year (Bridging) Bridging


*University World Rank is given based on 2019 UniRank.

Additional information


British Columbia


Agriculture and food science, Applied Science and Professions, Art and Cultural Studies, Business Management, Computer Science and IT, Engineering, Environmental_Studies_and_Geography, Language_and_Education, Law_and_Legal_Service, Mathematics_and_Statistics, Media_and_Journalism, Medicine_and_Health_Science, Natural_Sciences, social_Science_and_Economics

Tuition Fee Range for International Student


Percentage of international Student



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