University of Northern British Columbia – Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. 

  • Degree Level Offered: Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral, Post Doctoral, Diploma, Collage Certificate, Bridging, Continuing Education
  • World/Country Rank: 1707/48
  • Tuition Fee Range for International Student: 2000- 22000 CAD per year
  • Scholarship for International Students: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Percentage of international Student: 10%.
  • Work while studying: Yes



  • Agriculture and Food Science
  • Applied Science and Professions
  • Art and Cultural Studies
  • Business Management
  • Computer Science and IT
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Studies and Geography
  • Language_and_Education
  • Law_and_Legal_Service
  • Mathematics_and_Statistics
  • Media and Journalism
  • Medicine_and_Health_Science
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Science and Economics


Program Detail

Program Name Level of Education
Anthropology Bachelor’s
Accounting Bachelor’s
Anthropology / Geography Bachelor’s
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Bachelor’s
Biology Bachelor’s
Biomedical Studies Bachelor’s
Chemistry Bachelor’s
Chemistry / Computer Science Bachelor’s
Chemistry / Mathematics Bachelor’s
Chemistry / Physics Bachelor’s
Child Welfare Specialization Bachelor’s
Civil Engineering Bachelor’s
Community and Population Health: Aboriginal and Rural Health Bachelor’s
Community and Population Health: Environmental Health Bachelor’s
Computer Science Bachelor’s
Computer Science / Mathematics Bachelor’s
Computer Science / Physics Bachelor’s
Conservation Science and Practice Bachelor’s
Economics Bachelor’s
Economics / Global and International Studies Bachelor’s
Economics / Mathematics Bachelor’s
Economics / Political Science Bachelor’s
Education Bachelor’s
Elementary (K – 7) Education Bachelor’s
English Bachelor’s
English / Environmental and Sustainability Studies Bachelor’s
English / History Bachelor’s
English / Political Science Bachelor’s
English / Women’s and Gender Studies Bachelor’s
Environmental and Sustainability Studies Bachelor’s
Environmental and Sustainability Studies / Political Science Bachelor’s
Environmental Engineering Bachelor’s
Environmental Engineering (Joint UNBC/UBC) Bachelor’s
Environmental Science Bachelor’s
Finance Bachelor’s
Fine Arts Bachelor’s
First Nations Planning Bachelor’s
First Nations Studies Bachelor’s
First Nations Studies / Women’s and Gender Studies Bachelor’s
Forest Ecology and Management Bachelor’s
General Arts Bachelor’s
General Business Bachelor’s
Geography Bachelor’s
Geography Bachelor’s
Geography / Political Science Bachelor’s
Global and International Studies Bachelor’s
Global and International Studies / Political Science Bachelor’s
Global Environmental Change Bachelor’s
History Bachelor’s
History / Political Science Bachelor’s
History / Women’s and Gender Studies Bachelor’s
Human Resources Management Bachelor’s
Indigenous Specialization Bachelor’s
Integrated Science Bachelor’s
International Business Bachelor’s
International Development Studies Bachelor’s
Management Information Systems Bachelor’s
Marketing Bachelor’s
Mathematics / Physics Bachelor’s
Mathematics and Statistics Bachelor’s
Natural Resources Planning Bachelor’s
Nature-based Tourism Management Bachelor’s
Northern and Rural Community Planning Bachelor’s
Northern Baccalaureate Nursing Program Bachelor’s
Northern Collaborative Baccalaureate Nursing Bachelor’s
Northern Medical Program (MD) Bachelor’s
Northern Studies Bachelor’s
Philosophy Bachelor’s
Physics Bachelor’s
Political Science Bachelor’s
Political Science / Women’s and Gender Studies Bachelor’s
Psychology Bachelor’s
Public Administration and Community Development Bachelor’s
Russian Studies Bachelor’s
Secondary (8 – 12) Education Bachelor’s
Wildlife and Fisheries Bachelor’s
Women’s and Gender Studies Bachelor’s
Leading for Learning Collage Certificate
Indigenous Child and Youth Mental Health Collage Certificate
Special Education Collage Certificate
Aboriginal Community Resource Planning Collage Certificate
Aboriginal / Indigenous Health and Healing Collage Certificate
First Nations Language Collage Certificate
First Nations Public Administration Collage Certificate
General First Nations Studies Collage Certificate
Metis Studies Collage Certificate
Nisga’a Studies Collage Certificate
Traditional Ecological Knowledge Collage Certificate
Rural Nursing Certificate Program Collage Certificate
Public Administration Collage Certificate
Indigenous Child and Youth Mental Health Graduate Certificate Collage Certificate
Post-Diploma Baccalaureate Nursing Diploma
Aboriginal / Indigenous Health Sciences Diploma
First Nations Languages Diploma
Montessori Education Diploma
Curriculum and Instructional Studies Diploma
Health Sciences (PhD) Doctoral
Natural Resources & Environmental Studies (PhD) Doctoral
Psychology (PhD) Doctoral
Business Administration (MBA) Master’s
Business Administration (MSc) Master’s
Development Economics (MA) Master’s
Disability Management (MA) Master’s
Education (MEd) Master’s
English (MA) Master’s
First Nations Studies (MA) Master’s
Gender Studies (MA) Master’s
Health Sciences (MSc) Master’s
History (MA) Master’s
Integrated Wood Design (MEng) Master’s
Interdisciplinary Studies (MA) (MSc) Master’s
International Studies (MA) Master’s
Mathematical, Computer, Physical & Molecular Sciences (MSc) Master’s
Natural Resources & Environmental Studies (MA) Master’s
Natural Resources & Environmental Studies (MNRES) Master’s
Natural Resources & Environmental Studies (MSc) Master’s
Nursing (MScN) (MScN: FNP) Master’s
Political Science (MA) Master’s
Psychology (MSc) Master’s
Social Work (MSW) Master’s


*University World Rank is given based on 2019 UniRank.

Additional information


British Columbia


Agriculture and food science, Applied Science and Professions, Art and Cultural Studies, Business Management, Computer Science and IT, Engineering, Environmental_Studies_and_Geography, Language_and_Education, Law_and_Legal_Service, Mathematics_and_Statistics, Media_and_Journalism, Medicine_and_Health_Science, Natural_Sciences, social_Science_and_Economics

Tuition Fee Range for International Student


Percentage of international Student



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