The Ultimate Guide To Study Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the biggest dreams we have in our entire life. However, the path or the process for fulfilling that dream was never been crystal clear. Of course, this is an overwhelmed process. But you don’t have to worry about that complex process anymore. Because this guide is written by someone who experienced the pain and burden twice, learned a lot about the process and achieved the goal successfully. The knowledge I gathered from my personal experience and my team members’ experiences is well presented here to guide you to reach your goal. Keep in mind, when you have done everything close to perfect and you got what you want as planned, that feeling is priceless.

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Content of the Ultimate Guide To Study Abroad

  1. Ask yourself and people who matters to you
    1.1. Why do you want to study abroad
    1.2. What’s the level of the study and discipline and how long
    1.2.1. Foundation Program
    1.2.2. Bridging Program
    1.2.3. Diplomas
    1.2.4. Bachelor’s degree
    1.2.5. Master’s degree
    1.2.6. Doctoral Degree
    1.3. What is the Best Country for you
    1.3.1. Security and Safety
    1.3.2. Quality of education
    1.3.3. Cost of Living
    1.3.4. On-Campus and Off-Campus Work Eligibility
    1.3.5. Weather and Climate
    1.4. Discuss the plan with your family and check the financial affordability
  2. Find the best university for your interest
    2.1. Tuition fee
    2.2. University reputation
    2.3. Scholarship availability
    2.4. Program to be enrolled
    2.5. English and other entrance requirement
    2.6. Credit transfer
    2.7. Internships
    2.7.1 Through the university
    2.7.2 Through a provider
    2.8. Application deadlines
    2.8.1 What if you miss the deadline
  3. Application process
    3.1. Contact university admin for info
    3.1.1 Email
    3.1.2 Phone
    3.1.3 Letter
    3.1.4 Asking about your university application
    3.1.5 Asking about undergraduate, master’s and Ph.D. programs
    3.2. Write to supervisor for graduate studies
    3.3. Writing a research proposal for graduate studies
    3.4. University admission application
    3.5. Scholarship application when applicable
    3.6. Prepare supporting documents
    3.6.1 Transcript
    3.6.2 Reference letters
    3.6.3 Curriculum Vitae
    3.7 University Acceptance Letter
    3.7.1 The Letter of Acceptance of Admission
    3.7.2 Curriculum Vitae
    3.7.2. Scholarship award letter
    3.7.3 Scholarship Award Letter
    3.8. The next challenge: visa application
    3.8.1. Passport
    3.8.2. Supporting documents
    3.8.3. Biometry and medical examination
    3.8.4. Prepare for interview
  4. Last couple of months in your home country and first couple of months in your new country
    4.1. Before you leave
    4.1.1. Book your flight
    4.1.2. Travel insurance
    4.1.3. Prepare a checklist that you want to pack
    4.1.4. Time with family and friend
    4.1.5. Accommodation arrangement
    4.1.6. Transport arrangement from airport
    4.1.7 Set up proper communication method with family
    4.2. After your arrival
    4.2.1 Register in University
    4.2.2 Medical/Health insurance
    4.2.3 Orientation
    4.2.4 Photo ID
    4.2.5 Make new friends
    4.2.6 Part-time jobs (only if interested)
    4.2.7 Don’t forget why you came for: focus on study.

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